Friday, September 21, 2012

8K -- CHECK!

This weekend, I ran my first 'official' 8K -- Al's run.  Cross another one off the goals list!! Actually, this wasn't ON the goals list, but that's OK!  10K is the official goal on the list -- and I've already run that -- just unofficially....

Laura, Max and I all ran it.  This was Max's second time running this race, and our first.  I was NERVOUS. I'm not sure exactly WHY...I think the fact that 10-15,000 people do this race (running AND walking) was most of the reason.  I do NOT like crowds.

I was super stoked to have Laura along as my running partner, though.  She really motivates me to keep going when sometimes I'd rather quit.  It is so great to have a running partner who is paced so well with me -- and we really do help keep each other going -- either for longer distance or faster speeds.  She rocks!

Do you see us up there?  1815 and 1816 overall!!  We were 104 and 105 in our age class of 246 -- which means we finished BEFORE 50% of other women our age!!  WOOT WOOT!!!  We also were averaging UNDER 10 min miles -- my goal was to average under a 10:30 mile, so I blew this one completely out of the water!!!

Max and I before the race -- I was pretending to be calm....

Laura and I after the race -- she is such a great running partner.  She really has helped motivate me to keep running and to push through a difficult run.  I know there were times during this run that we both wanted to stop.  But we just kept telling each other we could slow down if we needed to.  Funny, we actually never slowed down.  Take a look:

Check out that consistency!!

All in all, it was a great day -- I felt strong after the run.  Maybe because going into it I was still on a high from what I saw on the scale that morning:

....or that fact that earlier that week I bought a new pair of SKINNY jeans....
in a SIZE TWO!! 

Like the bathroom shot?  I'm classy like that...

Whatever it was, I feel like I'm in a really good place with both my weight, my eating, and my time management.  Let's hope I don't start getting lazy and letting my weight creep back up or losing all the muscle I have worked so hard to build up! The last time I asked my scale to calculate my BF% -- it gave me 22.6%!!  That is down over 2% since I first started monitoring it.  I must be doing SOMETHING right!

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