Monday, April 22, 2013

Old Navy - It's Tee Time - Crowdtap Fun!

I may have mentioned before that I am a member of Crowdtap. Crowdtap is an interactive marketing platform that gets the consumers involved in answering questions and shaping brands.  Plus, you get FREE stuff!  Who doesn't like FREE??

I was selected to participate in an Old Navy Sample and Share for their awesome t-shirts.  I was SO excited to be chosen for this because I know that summer is just around the corner (please!) and who doesn't need a few more t-shirts to spice up their wardrobe?

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Crowdtap sends you the coupons in the mail, and then you and a lucky friend get to head to Old Navy to scour the t-shirts and collect the goods!  

Sometimes it can be tricky to know exactly which t-shirts or products are included on a coupon, so I enlisted the help of an Old Navy employee right after entering the store.  The employee was SUPER nice and VERY helpful.  She led us over to the vintage and basic tees that were included in the coupon.  There were SO many to choose from!  The colors were awesome and bright and so spring-like.  Some of the basic tees were henley-styled with buttons on the front and the vintage tees were softer and some had stripes and other patterns on them.

Of course, we tried on a bunch of the shirts to see what we liked the best...

I was a big fan of the vintage tees because they were softer and longer (therefore giving me a little more room for my expanding belly)  :)

The perfect crew tees and perfect Henleys were super cute too and they came in great colors like this kelly green Henley:

Overall, a fun time was had by my friend and I.  We had no issues with the coupons working this time and the employees were super helpful (and even a little envious).  It was a great trip, and I've had a lot of complements on my t-shirts already!  I plan to wear them as long as I possibly can!

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