Friday, April 12, 2013

The Everyday Effect - Part Two

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P&G everyday™

If every company out there took an interest in the environment, like P&G has, can you imagine what impact it would have?  It would be HUGE!  To see all that P&G has changed and accomplished recently, check out their stance on Environmental Stability.  

As a conservationist, I was most impressed to see:

P&G is partnering with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to focus on sustainable sourcing of materials for P&G products, including renewable forest products and palm oil. As we move to using more renewable materials, particularly materials such as pulp and palm oil, we need to ensure that production does not lead to loss of natural ecosystems, with associated loss of biodiversity. Over the last five years, we’ve deepened our partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the WWF-led Global Forest & Trade Network (GFTN), and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in order to ensure we support our critical programs that help us, and others, meet the challenges of sustainably using forest resources.

P&G is even packaging materials in plastics made from sustainably harvested SUGARCANE.  Little steps from a big company make a HUGE impact!

But at home, you might feel more overwhelmed in your ability to make a difference.  It is hard to see the impact that the 'little guy' makes, but that doesn't make that impact any less important (or necessary).  I am a firm believer in that the future of our Earth lies with the younger generations.  Which is why I may come across as the 'crazy granola mom' to others in my neighborhood or amongst my group of friends, but I'll tell you what -- my kids DON'T CARE (at least now, LOL). And while they are young, I CAN make an impression on them that will last a LIFETIME.  I want them to see me recycle, to see me pick up the trash that someone ahead of me threw on the ground.  I want to teach them about not being wasteful and to teach them instead to be respectful of their surroundings.  Kids are SO WILLING to help out for any 'cause' at this age.  Make it a good cause!!

With that in mind, I wanted my 5.5 and 3 year old at the forefront of my Earth day plans/activities.  P&G's Future Friendly program inspired me to sit them down and ask them what they thought they could do to 'help the Earth'.  Some are definitely more do-able than others.

1.  Turn off the water when brushing our teeth (Max)
2.  Wash all our clothes in cold water (Mom)
3.  Mulch grass back into the lawn instead of bagging it (Dad)
4.  a heart (Sam)
5.  Clean up garbage when we see it outside (Max)
6.  Turn off lights when we leave a room (Max)
7.  Eat all the food we put on our plates (don't waste food) (Mom)
8.  Draw on both sides of the paper (Max)
9.  Read a book (instead of watch TV) (Sam)
10.  Recycle (Dad)

We are going to work on all these things (not sure what to do about #4) up through Earth Day.  I hope to be back next week to post updates on our progress!

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