Sunday, November 17, 2013

Benjamin - 1 month!!

I can't believe this little stinker is already ONE month old!  Where does the time go?  Oh just flies by without you noticing it because you are in a daze dealing with a newborn in a house of 3 littles....THAT'S right..

But for the most part, little Benny has been a great baby.  He's fairly predictable about what he's crying about.  He tends to get pretty gassy if mom eats certain foods, so I've been trying hard to keep those things out of my diet (onions, garlic, salami).  Onions are in a lot of things (and they taste good), but I'd rather not deal with a fussy gassy baby!

He's also been a great sport with me using him as a model for all the new crocheted creations I've been making.  Here he's wearing one of my favorite hats I made for him.

He's got a lot of character, this one!  He's going to be a tough cookie around his two big brothers (that's a good thing).  He sure seems like he's practicing to stay strong already!  He rolls over from belly to back, and has almost made it from back to belly already!  When he's down for tummy time, he likes to dig his toes into the ground and push himself forward in a modified crawl!  One time he managed to make it across the blanket already!

He's been pretty solid in newborn sized clothing for awhile, but is just now exceeding the length of the outfits and needing to move into 0-3 months sized clothing.  He's still pretty skinny though, so some of the 0-3 month pants fit him lengthwise but not width wise and he shows some cute baby diaper crack!  :)

He loves tracking people's faces with his eyes, and he particularly LOVES the sound of his big brother Max's voice.  I think this is because little Max spent so much time talking to him while he was still in my belly.  It's truly amazing though...he can be in the middle of a fuss fit and little Max will go over to him to tell him its ok and he quiets down and opens his eyes and tries to find him. Absolutely precious.

He's pretty predictably eating every 3 hrs during the day and anywhere from 4-7 hrs at night (except for that lovely growth spurt the last few nights where he had me up every 2 hrs....grrr..).  But mostly he eats, plays a little bit and then sleeps.  I'm still napping him in his swing or bouncy seat downstairs in the AM, but have been laying him down in his crib for his afternoon naps, and he does great in there.  He's been sleeping  in the crib at night since he was about 3 weeks old.  He just did so much better in there than in our room...we are all getting better sleep as a result.

He's the perfect addition to this crazy family.  I may have always imagined myself as a mom to a girl, but I honestly wouldn't change a thing,  I'm loving this boy-crazy house!!

Well, most days at least!  :)

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