Saturday, December 21, 2013

Benjamin is 2 months old!!

Um, yeah.  It happened.  I blinked my eyes and two months passed by and the little newborn is no he's two stinking months old!  (Literally).

As the picture above states, he's pretty much hitting all his age-appropriate milestones right on time (and some even a bit early).  He's SOOOOO close to rolling from back to belly.  He's mastered the art of belly to back and it has been interesting to try to get him the tummy time he needs.  So we've resorted to using the boppy some of the time.  You can see he's really strong and can get his chest up off the ground already.  His pediatrician was pretty impressed at his 2 month check up with how strong he was.

And as far as cuteness goes, he's off the scales!!  Especially when I can get him to try on some of my crochet creations, like this hat with the big button.  

He's finally growing out of his newborn sized clothes and starting to fit into his 0-3 month outfits.  He still fits in newborn sized diapers better than size 1, but I am going to start moving him up because he fills up the newborn sized diapers too quickly :)  He is also big enough now (finally) that I can start cloth diapering -- which is awesome!  I mean, how adorable is his bum in this Blueberry Minky?

I made this matching set for him and have been dying to try it on him and snap some photos.  The shoes were on the verge of not fitting, so it had to be this month's photoshoot (because lets face it, trying to take photos more than once a month is a little much for me).  :)

You can tell that he was not very amused with my antics.

And then, he started to get worried that he looked like a big nerd...he's very sensitive about how he looks to others...

He tried warning me that he wasn't happy....but I didn't heed his warnings.  I just kept snapping away...

And that's when he just unleashed his mighty fury.

Of course, I still took a photo.  Because even in the middle of a little tantrum, he's still 

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