Thursday, June 11, 2015

House hunters into - Denmark. The final pick...Which to choose?

So, which do we choose?

House #1 ( with the party yard and house but close proximity to trains that go by almost every other minute?  Rent here is by far the least, well under our allotted stipend.

House #2, ( the beach house that would be a constant vacation for us.  Spacious house with lots of room, good sized yard, easy access to running path and beach.  Schooling options unknown (as I write this, but relocation agent should be getting info).  Rent is well above our stipend but could possibly be negotiated lower into a more stomach able range..


House 3 ( with its close proximity to work, trains, school and city. Neighborhood not as charming and would take some getting used to.  Nearby a good school which offers language assistance.  Rent is within our range and could possibly be lowered even more.

Which would you pick and why??

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Anna said...

Ok, for me, house 1 is out. The trains would be a deal-breaker to me. So between house 2 and 3, I would prefer 2 because of the extra bathroom. One shower for 5 people would not be the lifestyle change I was looking for. But I can see the appeal of house 3 both for budget and location. Good luck with your choice!