Saturday, August 1, 2015

Relocation updates - Hørsholm we have a house!

After all the drama of traveling to Denmark to look at houses, it turned out that none of the ones we were shown were the right one for us.  To make a long story short, we were only shown three properties in the five days that we were in Denmark (don't get me started on that)...despite our relocation agents knowing that we would be coming for over two weeks.  I just can't comprehend that there were only 3 properties in the ENTIRE COUNTRY of Denmark available during the time of our visit...but I digress.  (It turns out that perhaps this WAS true...but still hard to believe).

We left Denmark a bit disappointed, but with a plan in mind.  Max's coworkers were on the lookout for us, along with some friends in DK...surely if we were all working together, something would come up!

And it did!  A coworker living in Hørsholm happened to notice his next-door neighbors moving out!  So he helped us out by approaching the landlord and finding out more information.  Max and he even FaceTimed a tour through the house so we could get a feel for what it was like (I was not able to be present for this tour, though I did catch the tail end).  The landlord sent us some pictures, and we decided to jump on the property before it was too late.  And so....we have a house!

A house I have only seen in pictures...a house in an area of DK I have never even visited.  But, I tell my Type A self - it is JUST A HOUSE.  And really, how much time do I really expect to spend in said house?  I plan to try to get out and about as much as possible and not spend time inside the house.  After all, we are only in DK for two years, and its not like we have to worry about selling the house before we leave!  And so, my mantra is JUST A HOUSE.

Here are the only photos I have of our 'JUST A HOUSE'.  From what I've been told the pictures are also a few years old.  It should be interesting to see what the house looks like in person -- we should get to visit it in just a few DAYS!  EEK!

2nd story floor-plan

1st story floor-plan

downstairs bedroom

family room

master bedroom

kids room 1

kids room 1 (other view)

kids room 2

So, there you have it!  Now you know as much as we do about the house we will be living in for the next 2 years!  We should have access to it next week once we make it to DK, so we will see how it actually looks in person!


Becky said...

Nice! It looks very European! :)

Best of wishes for a smooth flight overseas and the best of luck as you get settled!

Ànna Palid said...

Beautiful! What an amazing adventure for you all! The two years will fly by so make sure to slow down enough to take it all in!