Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Settling in, the new house - the downstairs!

So it's been quiet on here, but only because we decided to start staying full time at the house and we didn't have any internet there (until RIGHT NOW), so I've been limping along with my slow international data plan on my phone and no real way to post efficiently...

So I haven't forgotten to update, it's just been really hard to do it.  Hopefully now that we have internet again this will just be a faded memory soon...

So here are pictures of the downstairs of the house -- all of these photos were taken BEFORE our storage container arrived.  I'll take all new pictures with our stuff in them soon :)

The kitchen!  Much smaller but a good use of storage space with all the drawers.  We asked if we could put shelves on the upper walls, but our landlord didn't want us to do that because there are water and electrical utilities behind some of the walls.  So, I'll figure out some type of shelving that sits atop the counters if we need extra space when the time comes.

The dining room.  We now have a patio table here (thank you for awesome neighbors) 

Here is a view looking into the living room from the kitchen.

And the same view from the dining room.  That is a wood burning stove that works.  

The wall of windows has two operating windows and the door also swings open.

And looking back towards the dining area.

The doorway leading off the living room opens into this area and then to the front door.

There is a small half bath just off the mudroom area.

The stairs are CREAKY.  We are trying to utilize our ninja skills to find the steps that squeak the least amount so we don't wake up the kids when we go up or down the stairs.  Thankfully, Ben has listened to our pleas for him to stay downstairs.  They are kind of slippery and steep.

This is the area right when you walk in the front door.

A view up the stairs.

Another entry way -- this one from the carport/garage to the house.  To the left is the laundry room.  I guess I didn't take a photo of that...oh well.

The fourth bedroom or playroom as we are calling it.  All the toys went into this room, and this is where you will get to sleep if you come visit us!  :)

The boys have been great about making do with what we have.  Here they've turned their car seats into chairs.  :)

So there you have it, our 'new' house.  It is perfect for what we need it to do for the next two years.  And while I was a bit afraid that none of our stuff would fit in here, everything magically did!  I'll take some after photos soon and post those as well.  

Until then...farvel!

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