Thursday, August 25, 2016

Random things I've learned in/about Denmark

1.  You have to put salt in your dishwasher.  We don't have a water softener in our house, and the water here is pretty hard and full of calc, so it makes sense. But, we didn't discover this until we had lived here for almost 9 months.  Instead, I had been running a cup of vinegar in every other load.  My glasses and plates look much nicer now.

2.  I haven't driven a car in Denmark since we moved here, so for over a year.  

3.  Spiders here are super productive.   I don't know how my bicycle can be completely covered in a spider web after only one night of sitting, but it happens on more mornings than I care to think about.  And yes, I look like a crazy person when I get caught in a web...

4.  We have no screens on our windows. (Maybe this explains why there are so many spiders in our house).  But for the most part, a ton of bugs don't get into our house. I like to joke about it, but I think Danish bugs are just more evolved...they fly in the house and most of them fly right back out.

5.  Toilets have a different button for flushing #1 or #2.  

6.  Fart translates to speed.  I still laugh about this.

7.  Sam was talking to himself yesterday in Danish.  I still get amazed when listening to my kids and their bilingual language skills.   I don't ever second guess our school choice when I look at this aspect of it.  It's amazing how fast they learn.

8.  While I like the aspect that all outlet plugs are controlled by a on/off switch, I still get annoyed that the bathroom light switch is located OUTSIDE the door.  My kids don't share this sentiment, they think it's hilarious.

9. Danes love sweet pickles.  It's really hard to find a good dill pickle without it being sweet. 

10. Danes use the Danish flag to celebrate holidays and birthdays.  At school when it's your birthday you get to put the Danish flag on your desk.  

For more fun facts on Denmark check out this link:


Suzanne said...

Great list, informative and entertaining. May the lights stay on and the fart patrol not fine you.

Suzanne said...

Great list, informative and entertaining. May the lights stay on and the fart patrol not fine you.

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