Wednesday, February 18, 2009

15 month check up

Today, lil Max had his 15 month check up, so here are the latest stats:

Weight = 22lbs 14oz (we thought for SURE he'd be up to 24 lbs, so this was a surprise!); 28%
Height = 31 inches; 48%
Head circumference = 18/5 inches; 46%

He also got 3 shots and his blood drawn. The nurses were impressed with how well he handled the blood draw, and how strong he was when we tried to hold him down for the shots. He started to cry even BEFORE the shots (because he didn't like being pinned down) and then got big ole crocodile tears when he got stuck. But, the tears stopped almost immediately -- such a big boy!

Other comments by the doctor:

1) We asked about his knee walk vs feet walking, and even provided her with a demonstration. The doctor found his knee walk quite innovative, and even praised him for his creativeness. She agreed that his ability to knee walk was most likely the reason he has not chosen to walk yet. We then demonstrated the finger walk, and she said "Oh yeah, he can totally walk, he is just choosing not to..." So, no worries about his lack of walking, or his motor skill development -- he is right on target for everything (except if he STILL refuses to walk in a month we'll need to check in), and even gets a few extra brownie points for his innovation.

2) His vocabulary was quite impressive (mama, dada, nana (for banana), pup pup, kitty, ba-ba, uh-oh) and he even showed off a few signs for the doctor.

3) She was really impressed with his ability to discern color. We demonstrated with the toys on the floor and asked him to bring us different colored toys. He did it without fail each time!

4) Max also demonstrated his ability to point out body parts. When asked where his nose was, he stuck his finger up the dr's nose....

5) Like father like son...every nurse/asst/doctor in our office is FEMALE. Max (little....not big) proceeded to flirt with EACH AND EVERY ONE of them. This is his 'max'imum flirtation strategy.

a) First, when new female enters the room, you must act shy and bury face in mom's shoulder
b) Peak out every so often to make sure female in room is looking at you and is still present
c) Once a few moments have passed, and you have determined that the female in the room is in fact there to pay attention to you, start making inappropriate noises or actions to draw even more attention to oneself.
d) Once the noises/gestures/actions have solicited a reaction from aforementioned female, you have successfully lured them into your trap.
e) Continue to make noises/gestures/actions...and follow each repitition with contagious giggles.
f) If at ANY time, female appears to start to lose interest in you, you must do WHATEVER it takes to bring her attention back to you.
g) Repeat process for each new female that enters the exam room.

Bottom line? Max is a healthy, happy, smart, social and creative little man, and I am lucky to be his mama.


Melanie said...

HA HA HA!! Go flirty Max! I love it.

Sounds like he's going through his "I'm mobile now" slow down in weight gain. But I'm SO glad the new dr. gave you happy news on the walking. That is all very good news.


Amanda said...

Great report. He's such an amazing boy!!!

*jess* said...

i LOVE that picture at the end of this post!! Great news on all accounts!!