Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Week in Pictures

A busy week for all the McLaughlins! Lil Max turns 15 months tomorrow, and it looks like he just might be walking in time for his dr appt, or at least shortly thereafter. Today, after daycare, I plopped him down on the driveway and held his hand to go get the mail. He held on to one finger and walked the whole way by himself -- I think I could've slipped my finger out and he'd of been fine. Once we got to the mailbox, he decided he wasn't done walking (this is new for us, because lately it had been difficult to get him to 'practice' his walking by holding his hands...he'd just sink down to his knees to do his knee-walking right away). Lil Max kept on walking down the street....all the way to neighbor Grandma Jan's! We stopped by so he could push the 'button' by the front door (aka doorbell), and even got to see Grandma Jan for a brief moment before she had to run. Max then walked the whole way home (holding my one finger). You could tell he was so proud!!

Here are a few photos showcasing the past week, and some of our more memorable moments...

Opening up a wonderful Valentine's Day care package! Inside, the awesomest handmade and personalized growth chart for lil Max (along with some delicious caramel/chocolate pretzels and other goodies which were devoured!)

Practicing our organizational skills by arranging all of our stacking cups on the coffee table...

Is that a new mole? No...silly... you have a blueberry stuck to your chin!

Sleepy monkey....somebody didn't want to wake up this morning, so I snuck in with the camera for the photo opportunity. I love the way the flash bounced off the crib bars...it makes it look like the sun was shining in his crib...oh, and he did not wake up...even with the flash!

Hope you are enjoying YOUR week!


Whitney said...

Sounds like you've officially got a walker on your hands :) Yeah, Max!

Melanie said...


Also, that blueberry on the chin picture is awesome.

Seriously awesome.

Emily S. said...

ooh, yeah!! I also love the way your flash fired on that crib shot... TOTALLY looks like sunlight!!

Yeah... Max wins. *sigh* Noah will "finger walk".... but it hasn't led to the dramatic results you just had at Gymbo. Oh well.