Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Denmark

This week, Max is in Denmark for work. It will be my first attempt at single parenthood (thank goodness for only a week) -- wish me luck! :)

Max left Saturday afternoon, flew through Atlanta and on to Denmark. He got in pretty late/early -- so he just emailed and texted me to let me know that he had made it safely. I did also get a chance to talk to him this afternoon, just before they headed out to get a bite to eat. Anyways, my tech savvy hubby has already taken the opportunity to send me photos from Denmark...not just once, but TWICE. So, I thought I'd share them with you...and his emails (minus some of the sappy stuff). :)

Hey honey, It is nearly 12:00 here but I think it is 5 am at home. I did not sleep that well on the plane, so I'm going to try and take a nap before we go out walking about. The city is oldish with new buildings going up everywhere. Transit is crazy here. We took a taxi to the hotel and he drove just like any taxi driver you would find in the world, like a maniac! I took some pics of the hotel room. It is tiny. I think we have had bigger rooms at motel 6. All this for $200/night. Oh boy! Miss you.

Good morning!

It is 1600 (4pm) here. (**Note from Stef: I love that Max has 'switched' himself to military time all of a sudden**). We just got back from walking around a small part of the city. I took a few shots of what we have seen so far. It is cool and weird all at the same time. They have mix of old building with LG signs and McDonald's and an over-abundance of 7-11's about every 5 shop fronts. Here is one of the many cool big churches:

The main shopping area is also the foot traffic walking strasgade (street). We ate at a Mediterranean restaurant for lunch. It was pretty good. We are avoiding the more local cuisine until someone that we work with recommends something palatable.

Here is an example of the weird dichotomy of old and new; the old Palace hotel with all these electric signs all over it. It is actually funny to go somewhere and not hear Spanish being spoken. Since we usually go somewhere in Mexico on our trips, this is throwing me for a loop. I can't read any of the Danish signs. We are supposed to be getting together with other Hansen employees for dinner tonight...

Sounds like he's having fun so far! I'll post the photos as he sends them, so stay in tune!


*jess* said...

good luck with single parenthood! :)

Melanie said...

Um, I wanna go. Small room or not. . .