Monday, March 30, 2009

Denmark Part Duex

Had another adventuresome day walking around Copenhagen. We walked about 6 miles today just looking at everything.

They are certainly European in their thinking of the human body. We passed a shop that had picture of women's underwear on models without tops in the windows. We also passed the 'museum of erotica' further down the walking shop street we toured yesterday. I can say I think America needs to go this route. :)

I'm learning a few words today so I don't feel so out of touch. Thank you = tak, one = en, welcome = velkomenn, erotica = erotica (lol), happy hour = happy hour (j/k) it is actually a long phrase that starts with doppel (double).

We also made a trip to our plant in Avedore just south of here on the ocean front. The side of the plant that faces the ocean is one big wall of windows - all three stories. It is quite the place. We only were given a quick tour since it seemed that no one works there (at least we could not find anybody we knew). We work tomorrow and are supposed to get the grand tour. We met up with a couple of other Hansen employees tonight for dinner at a steak place called hereford's. The smallest steak was 200 g (about 7 oz) at it was $40 US. Everything here is pretty expensive and then taxed at 20-25% on top of that. But we found out we can be reimbursed the tax when we leave if we keep all our receipts (which we were doing for the expense reports anyway). There are a few items that are priced pretty close to US prices like leather items (gloves, jackets), but everything else is way over priced.

Sorry no really good pictures today. Talk to you tomorrow it is bed time now (11pm). Got to get up at 7 am so we can catch the train to work.

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