Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March's Fitness Challenge

To re-cap, March's fitness challenge was 3100 situps (100 a day) and 400 pushups (~13 a day) for the month.

Let's see how I did:

Situps = 3060 (98.7%)
Pushups = 400!! (100%)

Not bad! Anyone else following along at home? If so, leave a comment and let me know how YOU did!

For April, we are going to keep situps and pushups and add in squats (15 a day). With the addition of the squats, we are going to decrease the number of situps per day to 50 -- otherwise the goal gets pretty hard to reach. Now, there is no penalty for OVER-doing it, so if you feel like still doing 100 a day, go for it.

To re-cap, the goals for April are:

1500 Situps (50/day)
450 Pushups (15/day)
450 Squats (15/day)

If you need any visuals to help you with these excersizes, please see the links below:

Crunches (there are lots of possibilities here, here are some of my favorites):
Elbow to knee crunch
Table Top Crunch
Bicycle Crunches

Push Ups
Knee Push Ups

Free standing squats (no weight)

Good Luck!


Amelia said...

you ROCK!

Amanda said...

I'm so proud of you! You definitely, definitely put me to shame. Thank you for showing me the new way to do push-ups! Your circuit training session was fun and hilarious.

Oh, and I will be better about doing my workout this month...you have kicked me into competitive mode...

Beth said...

I just can't believe your determination. Great job! I'm uber impressed... and I wish I had a teency bit of it myself. I've fallen off my work out wagon. How much weight have you dropped?