Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Apparently, lil Max has learned the concept of give and take.

Or, you could say that he's learned the trick of bribery...

In any case, it is pretty darn smart of him to put two and two together.

See for yourself! In this video, Auntie Amanda is showing him pictures of him and her on her camera. When she turns off the camera, and he wants more pictures, he decides that by patting her on the head, pointing to her nose, and kissing her....the camera will turn back on. Of course, because he's so darn cute, it does.... Seriously? When did he learn this?

Better question? How will I resist????

No matter how you look at it, though, it is pretty clear that he ♥s his Auntie Amanda. And so do I!


Melanie said...

Holy CRAP, your kid is cute! I love that he knows that giving kisses will get you stuff. How has he made that connection already? geez!

genevieve said...

Had to watch in silent at work, but yeah...that is INcredible!! You can see the moment when he's like "Oh no, it's off! Okay, well, with a pat, a poke, and a kiss, it'll be back." "Wait, it's off again? Fine, I'll do it again...I mean, I'm gonna keep doing this forever, you know. I KNOW how it works."


Amanda said...

I am THE luckiest Auntie in the world. Between you, Lil Man and the sometimes-offered love nudge from guys are the best! And boy do I love you all back a billions times over.

I know I can rely on you guys to brighten my day!


Beth said...

Isn't it funny what they pick up on at such a young age? Bella knows that if she gives kisses she'll normally get what she wants. How cute! I loved the video!

Emily S. said...

I am SO late to the party, but i loved this! I love how he is so verbal, even with babbling. And of COURSE a Max kiss is potent stuff!!