Thursday, May 14, 2009

Crafty McCrafterton

As many of you know, I'm not the most incredibly crafty person. But, I have been known to tap into my 'crafty side' once in awhile. The problem, for me with crafting, is that I have a hard time differentiating between what is cute and what is practical. See, the practical side of me won't let me craft anything that isn't useful in real, it usually takes quite a bit of thought and brain storming before I come up with a good craft.

I've mentioned my Internet momma friends on here before, and one of the reasons we all came together as friends is that we share an interest (and for some a really extreme talent) for crafting (and baking and being mommas too, of course). We did our first crafty swap for xmas, where I got some really awesome gifts from my friend Beth. She made me a plethora of really cool "Xmax" gifts.

Next, we did a 'secret swap' for Valentine's Day -- I got some really great gifts from my friend Allison!

For Mother's Day, everyone liked the secret aspect of the swap so much that we opted to go this route again. We picked names pretty early -- so we'd have lots of time to 'stalk' our swappie partner and figure out what they'd like. There were 'rules' about the swap (as far as point value for content), but the main guidelines were to include a craft, a sentimental, an edible and a recipe.

My swap partner was Jess -- I was SO excited when I realized that she was my partner. And just look at the wonderful gifts she made me!!!!

First, I open the box to find and turquoise! The colors of lil Max's room!! Do you see what is peeking through the paper? Could it be....a TURTLE??

You bet! Look at this awesome card! Jess wrote me a very heartfelt, warm and fuzzy note too!

The edible -- a plethora of yummy Dove chocolates in assorted flavors!! YUM!

The second box contained the crafting overload!!


Two re-usable shopping totes! Check out the awesome fabrics!

Check this out! Sheldon the Turtle -- awesome is this! She made it BY HAND!!! Oh the love is oozing.....

And a recipe for Salmon Packets -- I'm sure that big Max would love for me to cook him some of when I feel motivated, this is what I'll try. I'll let you know how it tastes!!

Seriously -- this group of women is so great. The amount of time, and love and thought that went into these gifts is tremendous. And, I can't highlight ALL of the gifts that were sent and received here on the blog, but I can tell you that I would've LOVED to receive any one of them -- they were all SO GREAT!!

I'll post again later with some pics of what I sent my awesome swappie -- I just have to check with her first to see if she'll lend me her photos, since I neglected to take any before I mailed it! OOPS!


gd said...

Stef--WOW!! Neil would FLIP at those turtle gifts. SOOO cute! That package looks like it was a blast to open. :)

I am so not crafty either...but I *so* want to be...I keep thinking, if I had a room I could devote to it, and shut up tight so *I* am the only one allowed in there, it may work. Some day.


P.S. Your kid is RIDICULOUSLY cute. Every time I see a new photo of him, I feel like squealing.

Gina said...

What a cute idea! I wish I was crafty in the sewing sense.

*jess* said...

first of all, LOVE the title of this post, lol. second of all, i'm glad you liked your gifts. you're amazing!!! xoxo

Emily S. said...

yay for craft swaps!!!

Love the turtle and DEEPLY love the tote bags!!

monnie halberg said...

So fun!
Craft swaps are the best.
Love the fabrics!

mel said...

Hey, look. Jess used your guidelines, too, practical (anything totes) and cute(Sheldon)! I love it all, too, but I think Sheldon wins as the cutest turtle ever. You're a lucky girl!