Wednesday, May 6, 2009

New Arrivals

My parents built their newest house just off a 5-acre pond (old quarry pond), and right on the edge of the Bark River nature conservancy. My dad gets a kick out of most of the wildlife he sees -- except the ones that eat his plants or poop on his lawn.

They've got, to name a few:
tons of birds, waterfowl, etc.
wild turkeys

My dad's favorites, by far, are the cranes. Every morning, he goes out and fills up their 'feeder'. Last year, he even got them so used to his presence that he could get within a couple yards of them and throw them some corn. He really likes those cranes....

Anyway, here are a few pictures of some of their new off the press!

Sandhill cranes and their two little ones...

American goldfinch and an Indigo Bunting at the feeder.


Emily S. said...

oh those baby cranes are CUTE! And the colors on those last two birds take my breath away! I thought colors that vivid were reserved for the tropics. WOW!

Dawn said...

What is so cool. I would love to see all that nature everyday!

mel said...

I love the baby cranes! So soft and fuzzy and such a long way to grow to be a tall as mama crane. You will document their growth, won't you?