Thursday, July 2, 2009

June Fitness Challenge Summary

June was a busy month, and I struggled for most of it to fit in my fitness challenge. Some of the exercises were easy to fit in during my normal routine -- others were more difficult -- like pushups.

Overall, I met all of my goals for the month, and even exceeded some. Except for those darn pushups -- I was 150 short!

Here is the summary:

Situps: 1700 (1500 goal) = 113%
Pushups: 750 (900 goal) = 83%
Squats: 1550 (1500 goal) = 103%
Lunges: 1700 (1500 goal) - 113%
Miles (walk or run): 85 miles -- which breaks down to about 2.83 miles a day.

Not bad. I would have liked to have met my goal for pushups, and to increase the miles to at least 3 miles a day, but I'll take it.

The last half of the month I was playing catch-up to make up for my time 'off' while in Paris -- which made it more stressful and less fun. But, I did discover that my 30 day shred workout will knock off major numbers in all of these categories -- so that helped me out in the end!

Goals will stay the same for next month, and this time I'm going to add a little cardio move to the mix -- plank jumping jacks -- and I'll start with 30/day and reassess next month if necessary.

So: July Fitness Goals
Situps = 1550
Pushups = 930
Squats (with shoulder press) = 1550
Lunges (with bicep curl) = 1550
Plank Jacks = 930

Wish me luck!


Melanie said...

WOW, Stef! I can't believe you still did that well with your trip in the middle of the month! You amaze me.

mel said...

You are making me tired. You could totally kick my butt if you ever got mad at me. (Please don't!)