Thursday, July 2, 2009

Maxisms Today

These days, lil guy is ALL personality. And I am LOVING every little snippet of it (well, MOST of it...).

I would say right now the thing that he does that most stands out to me is that he has really taken to bossing us around lately. Some of his favorite things to tell us to do are:

Sit Down -- to be said as 'sit DOWN' -- this statement is 99.9% of the time emphasized with a firm slap to whatever surface we should be sitting on...the floor, the couch, a chair. "Sit Down" is also another way to say "Lay Down".

Dada! - to be said as 'daDAAAAAA!' -- this statement usually indicates that mom and lil Max are doing something and he would like dad to be included. Commonly occurs in the bathroom while we are brushing our teeth in the morning. In this instance, daDAAAA is followed by "teef".

Night Night -- this is said whenever Max wants you to lay down with him...on the floor, on the couch or on our bed. It usually indicates that he wants to a)snuggle or b) tackle you. He also uses this to tell us when he wants to go to bed.

Nemo -- to be said as 'NEEMOOO!' I blame this one solely on my parents -- as they got him addicted to watching Finding Nemo while we were in Paris.

Ball, Bubble -- said to either identify a ball or bubbles or to indicate that this is what he would like you to do.

Max's vocabulary has exploded and he can identify most things by name, or say what he wants. This has dramatically decreased the number of temper tantrums and explosions. He loves to tell us when he wants 'milk' or a 'cracker', or even a tickle!

Max can identify his colors by name now, whereas before he would just point them out. His favorite color to say is yellow -- his favorite color of toy appears to be blue (daddy is sighing a breath of relief that it is no longer pink).

We're up to 11 teeth now, with the latest addition being his lower right lateral incisor. Still a little slow, but we've heard that means less of a possibility of orthodontia for his future!

I'm sure there is much MUCH more that I am forgetting. This kid is a TRIP -- he is just full of JOY and LIFE and LAUGHTER. He makes every day better for me just by being in it!

Here he is, practicing his French moves... :)






gd said...

That last picture is GREAT! (They're all awesome, but he looks so tickled! I love it.)

Oh, and I didn't make the time to comment, but I loved all your Paris posts! It reminded me of my time there, and the things I need to see next time. Sounded like such an amazing trip. That city kicked my butt, though--I was only there for three days but each night I FELL into bed. (Well, that was probably *because* I only had three days and so I squeezed everything possible into them.) I did brave the line to the the pouring rain, no less...and amused myself by counting the panes of glass in the pyramid to see if there were really 666 of them! (There aren't.)

Melanie said...

Oh how I am praying that Nolan learns to speak that well very soon. A decrease in tantrums sounds great. :) I can't believe how SMART Max is! He knows his colors?! Geez!

Also, he looks amazing in a beret. Maybe you should start calling HIM Jacques. :)

monnie halberg said...

Wow. He's so big. He's quite the talker too! Love his cute little personality...

mel said...

I'm so jealous that Max knows his colors. Maybe I need to get to work. What a cutie pie in his beret!