Monday, August 3, 2009

July Fitness Challenge

July was a busy month again, and I struggled for most of it to fit in my fitness challenge. Some of the exercises were easy to fit in during my normal routine -- others were more difficult -- like pushups. Sounds familiar, eh?

Overall, I met all of my goals for the month, and even exceeded some. Except for those darn pushups -- I was 100 short! (beats the 150 short from June though!)

Here is the summary:

Situps: 1600 (1550 goal) = 103%
Pushups: 830 (930 goal) = 89%
Squats: 1475 (1550 goal) = 95%
Lunges: 1550 (1550 goal) - 100%
Miles (walk or run): 93 miles -- which breaks down to 3 miles a day.

Not bad.....and, oh yeah, did I mention -- I ran my first 5k!!! Read about it here!

Goals will stay the same for next month, I'm not going to add any new activities, except a concerted effort to do more yoga -- I find I am losing the flexibility I once had! But, that is just a personal goal, I am not going to track that on here...

So: August's Fitness Goals
Situps = 1550
Pushups = 930
Squats (with shoulder press) = 1550
Lunges (with bicep curl) = 1550
Plank Jacks = 930

Wish me luck!

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Anna said...

What is a plank jack? I am intrigued.