Tuesday, August 4, 2009


This post has been a LLLLOOOONNNGG time in coming. My apologies that it took me so long!

Back in May, two mommy friends I met through BabyCenter came to visit us in WI. It was a long weekend of hanging out, and we got the added perk of getting some family photos taken by Emily!

Remember when I posted about her sneak peaks??

I am embarrassed to say that my dear friend Emily Southerland finished the HUGE task of processing the rest of that massive pile of photos back in June, and posted them on her website. (Go to Clients and use the password WISCONSIN)...and I am finally blogging about it NOW. Boo on me.

Our photos are mixed in with all of Mel's family's photos, and there are close to 300 of them!! I adore every one in a special way. They are truly AMAZING, but if you're too time crunched to go through them all, here are a few of my favorites:

This first series of photos in the grass just makes me so happy. I love them all.

I asked Amanda to come over so I could get a few photos with her. She is such an awesome friend and truly my soul sister.

Poor monkey was feeling a little under the weather, but Em managed to still capture some wonderful shots of him!

Amanda and Max go for a walk up the hill. He loves his Auntie Amanda!!

Friends for life (just not right now). :)

The colors in the door series knocks my socks off. I posted others from the door series in my sneak peak post, so check them out there, or on Em's blog!

Auntie Amanda can coax a smile out of lil Max when no one else can!

I included this one for fun, but it is one of my favorite photos from the shoot! I have a little version of this photo taped to my monitor at work!

Mel and I...mustache pals!

The three amigas...

Hopefully this will tease you into looking at the rest. . . Emily is a genius and her work should be viewed at every opportunity. :) She's also posted a great post on her blog with more pictures (so you can see a few great ones of Mel's family too)
Thank you, Em, for a WONDERFUL photo taking experience!!! The biggest challenge is now to narrow it down to only a few!!!


Melanie said...

again. LOVE.

Amanda said...

I agree with Melanie. I ♥ these pics. Most likely because I love you guys!!!!

Lil Man is PRECIOUS. After seeing him tonight, it seems like he's grown so much from these pictures even.

I heart you always!

Peanut Blossom said...

You know I love Emily's photography but seeing these all over again just reminds me how much! Awesome awesome pics. I love the "coordinated" outfits you and Amanda are wearing, red, black, and white. So fantastic! The outfits are what stress me out more than anything with portrait sessions. Maybe you can just come over and dress my family. :)

Emily S. said...

Who is this darling "Peanut Blossom", and how can I be friends with her? LOVE her website!!

And THANK you for the love... Both as your photog, but even more as a friend.

You are stunning... As is dear Amanda... And the boys are FOXY, fo' sho'.


oceansunfish said...

love the pictures...can't wait to see the rest...need more time to catch up on my friend's blogs!! thanks for sharing!