Tuesday, August 11, 2009

WI State Fair

Last Sunday, we went to the WI State Fair.
We had the obligatory WI Cream Puff...
Max thoroughly enjoyed seeing all the animals. He gets such a kick out of them!! As we walked through the Dairy barns, he kept yelling "MOO MOO MOO!" as if we didn't know that was the sound a cow made, and he had to make sure that we knew it. And that we saw them (there were hundreds of cows). He didn't get cow-licked this year...

Again with the horses, Max very loudly repeated NEIGH NEIGH NEIGH over and over. I don't know what it is about horses and kids, but all the horses at the Fair LOVE the kids. They could be standing at the very back of their stall and as soon as you walk up with a little one, they come right up to have their nose petted. Max was loving it until one horse decided to playfully NEIGH at him -- that kinda scared him a little bit. Another horse was so tall, he could stretch his neck OVER the front gate. He was having fun snorting on all the people underneath him. It made Max giggle! Just for size scale, see how big this Clydesdale was???

Things we didn't do at the fair this year: chocolate covered bacon (umm..yeah), deep fried peanut butter and jelly, funnel cakes, corn on the cob (no one had corn ready when we were there in the AM). We did try: pork burger (my fave), cheese curds, grilled cheese, bison stick, and cream puffs. YUM YUM.

Oh yeah...mom moment of the day? We got all the way to the Fair and realized that we had forgotten to put shoes on lil Max. NICE. Luckily, he was content sitting in his stroller or being held. WHEW. Crisis averted....


Anna said...

I know that someone else (Mel, maybe?) commented recently that baby Max is gone and has been replaced by little boy Max but it really struck me in these pictures. He is such a little boy with that adorable shaggy hair. {Heart melting}
But I am disappointed that you didn't go for the chocolate-covered bacon. Darn!

Emily S. said...

Um. Can I have one of those cream puffs?

And LOVE that he was yelling animal noises at you fervently. So funny!!

Yeah... I could even go for some choco-covered bacon. Sounds YUMMO!