Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Poor Max.  I'm late to the game blogging about his birthday...  But, he's probably a bit thankful about that this year, because I've been teasing him relentlessly about getting older....and becoming an old fart.

I jokingly told him that I was going to get him (in no particular order):
- WD-40 to fix the squeak in his walker
- a fold up seat for the shower,
- bifocals.

I figured I'd save the scooter for next year... :)

Here's how we celebrated his birthday:

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Melanie said...

Love it! Happy Birthday Daddy!

what cute Max's. And what a cute Stef! (you finally look pregnant! In your last month! It's a miracle. If only we all looked that good at the end)