Sunday, April 4, 2010

Outdoor Fun

The weather has just been absolutely BEAUTIFUL the past few weeks, and we've been using every opportunity we can get to get outside and enjoy it.  With an almost 2 1/2 yr old with endless energy, having an outlet is a MUST.  How lucky are we that we have a little playground just down the street from us?  It is perfect for blowing off some of that extra energy!

We always start off with the swings.  Lil Max still loves to swing!

Max's lil buddy, Owen, came to the park to play with us too!  We're also very lucky to have lots of little friends for Max who live on our street! 

On Thursday, we met up with our other friends Steph and Max and their son, Jack at another local park for fun.  This day was hotter than the last, but mom forgot to bring a short sleeved shirt for lil man to change into after school.  He still had fun, and just had extra rosy cheeks to show for it!

On Saturday, Auntie Amanda came over to walk down to the park with us, which was a good thing because it is getting harder and harder for me to chase after/keep up with lil Max when he decides he wants to go somewhere!  Auntie Amanda is always good for a fun time!


Aren't they sweet?

Actually, this photo has a pretty funny story behind it:  when we first got to the playground, there were two little girls (ok, so they were like 11 or 12 -- not so little) playing.  They were cute girls, snapping photos of each other, and you could tell that lil Max was pretty enamored with them.  He followed them around from one piece of equipment to the next.  At one point, I had to stop him from crawling into this little tube where the two of them were just sitting and giggling...  When they decided to leave, they got on their bikes and rode away.  Lil Max decided that he wanted to follow them.  In this picture, Amanda and he are discussing where they are going.  He was telling her that he was going to follow the girls; they went this way.  When Amanda told him that they were quite a bit older than him, his response was: "It's OK, Manda..."   LOL, my little boy...chasing the older women already.....SIGH.  :)

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