Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dying Eggs

This year was the first year that we decided to dye easter eggs -- maybe because mommy was too afraid of the mess, or because he just wouldn't *get* it.  But this year, we had the perfect opportunity to teach many different lessons involved with Easter Egg dying:

1.  We should drop eggs gently into cups with colored water -- otherwise the colored water gets everywhere!
2.  Eggs are fragile -- if we drop them, their shells will crack
3.  Stickers do not stick to cold eggs
4.  Easter egg dye made with vinegar does not taste good
5.  Drawing on eggs with a crayon is fun
6.  Max's favorite color is green

Here are a few photos of the fun:

Max was *pretty* good about putting the eggs in the cups and "stirring" them.  He wasn't so good about being patient waiting for the dye....but we worked on that!

Mommy took the eggs out of the cups and put them on the drying rack.

Max was very excited to pick out the stickers to adorn the eggs once they had dried.

Yes, that *is* evidence of chocolate around his mouth....  :)

The finished product!  We had eggs the next morning with our breakfast, and quite frankly, lil Max was disappointed that the eggs did not taste like candy.  I think he now thinks, thanks to the Easter Bunny's plastic eggs, that all eggs must contain candy....


Melanie said...

Ha! I never thought of that. Poor kid, thinking he's going to get candy for breakfast and getting hard boiled eggs instead. What a let down! It doesn't look like he made too much of a mess. How kind of him.

Megan said...

He's looking like such a big kid these days! Just so handsome.