Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching Up

Summer is FLYING by!  We've been doing so much that one day just blends into the next and before we know it, the weekend is here again!  We've been doing swimming lessons, play dates at the park, zoo class, visits from out of town guests, and hanging out with Granna and Grumps.  Still to look forward to is:  Fourth of July celebration with the family, Sam's first airplane ride to Martha's Vineyard with Mommy in July, a family vacation with good friends to Chippewa Falls, and of course, a Mom and Dad romantic getaway (with free Granna and Grumps babysitting included)!  :)

Here are a few photos of all the fun we've been having:

Riding the Zoo Carousel after Zoo Class.  I was very proud of Max at class -- he was well mannered, listened to the teacher and followed direction, counted along with her and excelled at his matching skills!  He made his momma really REALLY proud!!

We've learned that Sam will fall asleep just about anywhere. One of his favorite spots is on a blanket in the living room. In this picture, I set him down to change his diaper and walked away to grab something -- when I came back, he had fallen asleep -- it was only a matter of minutes (maybe even seconds)!!

We went to see the new dinosaur exhibit at the Zoo.  Little Max was apprehensive about the large moving creatures at first.  He was displaying his nervousness by continuously covering his ears and telling us it was too loud.  By the end of the walk, he was fine with all the dinosaurs and even wanted to see them again.  It was a pretty cool exhibit, and if you live in the Mke area and you have kids, you should make time to see it.

We visited Mommy's doctor for her 6 week check up, and so that mommy could get a photo of Sam with him.  Dr. Leonhardt didn't actually deliver Sam (he wasn't the OB on call when I was in labor), but I still consider him my doctor.  He was such a strong advocate for letting my body do what it was meant to do, and I really appreciate that.  He fielded numerous in-depth and strange questions from me because I wanted to do everything in my power to make sure that my labor and delivery this time around was very different than how it was for Max.  It was comforting for me to have an OB that was so understanding of my neuroses, and that was completely on-board with my intervention free plan.  When I walked in to my six week appt, he asked me how everything had gone, and I told him "I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but that was a pretty awesome experience, and I think I actually enjoyed it!"  I owe part of that to him, his care for me over the last 9 months, and the other doctors in the practice that are all of the same mindset.  If you plan to deliver at Waukesha Memorial Hospital, check them out:  Moreland OBGYN  .

I knew this day would come, but I wasn't prepared for it to happen THIS EARLY.  We had our friend Payton over for a play date, and the two of them went upstairs.  I heard the door to Max's room shut behind them (not too out of the ordinary, because lil Max is obsessed with shutting doors behind keep the 'Sea Bear' away).  I called up to him to open his door, but he didn't respond.  So, when I went up there to see what was going on, this is what I found!  Completely harmless? Yes.  Completely funny?  OF COURSE!

And, of course, no smile is complete unless you let your tongue hang out! 

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Laura said...

Love the pic of Sammy with his tounge sticking out!