Thursday, June 24, 2010

2 months old!

Sam turned 2 months old on the 17th....(sorry I'm a bit late, but we've been having LOTS of summer fun)...

He's not quite as heavy as his brother was at this age, but he's one inch longer already!  His stats:

Weight = 10 lbs 11.5 oz (25%)
Height = 24 in (75%)
OFC = 37.25 cm (30%)

Sam is still our mellow little boy.  We've settled into a nice bedtime routine and he's been good about wakin me usually only once at night (sometime between 2-4 am).  Last night, I decided to see how he'd do without the swaddle, and he did pretty good!  He woke me up twice to feed, but there was no fussing in between his wake-ups...and he was amusing us over the video monitor with how much he contorts his body all over the place!  I predict this boy will be on his belly to sleep within the next few weeks.

Tummy time has proven to be somewhat of a challenge because he has figured out that by rolling onto his back, he gets out of it...and of course, he always rolls over as soon as I've turned my back...sneaky boy.

We're getting LOTS of smiles out of him, and lots of different coes and talking.  He still really loves the sound of his big brother's voice, and big brother Max is equally as enamored with "baby Sammy Sam".  Most mornings, I am blessed to hear a chorus of "its ok, Sammy Sam", "I love you Sammy Sam" "That's MY Baby Sam", etc. etc.  It makes my heart sing that he is so vocal about his love for his little brother.  And all that above is punctuated with lots of hugs, pats and kisses!! 

We are truly blessed to have two wonderful boys -- they bring such joy to our life!!

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monnie halberg said...

Those pics of the 2 of them are just too precious! Such sweet brotherly love...