Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sam's Photo Shoot

One thing I've always regretted about little Max's newborn days, is that I never thought to have a newborn photo shoot for him. Yes, we were new parents, and giddy with excitement -- so we DID take thousands upon thousands of pictures of him (in his first month ALONE! LOL), but it would've been nice to commemorate his newborn days with a professional photo shoot. We did do one when he was 3 months old, with our wedding photographer -- which turned out great -- I just wish I would've brought her in 3 months sooner!

So, when my good friend, Emily Southerland, suggested she take Sam's pictures - that she'd be willing to make the drive all the way from St. Louis -- how could I pass up that offer? Emily and I met on a November 2007 baby board -- which was originally hosted by babycenter. We clicked over sleep issues, and have been fast friends ever since. In fact, lil Max and her son, Noah, were born on the SAME DAY! How's that for Karma?  You may remember me mentioning Emily here, here and here, because she came out to WI back in May 2009 and did an amazing photo shoot for us then too!

Emily really worked some magic with her photos.  Sam was only 9 DAYS old when she took these.  And with her wonderful eye -- she managed to capture just about every iota of his adorable personality with these shots -- a remarkeable feat considering I didn't even KNOW all the iotas of his adorable personality YET!  She is truly amazing, and I am so excited to be sharing these awesome photos with you!!  Thank you EMILY, for once again truly capturing LIFE with your camera!!

But enough of me jabbering...enjoy the photos!!!


Tiffany said...

I'm sooo jealous of these photos. We just haven't had the time or resources to do a shoot like this. You are one lucky lady to have Emily as a friend!! Where did she do this shoot? Are those props all yours or did she bring some along?? Fun fun fun.

Dawn said...

How on earth are you going to decide which ones to print? They are all so amazing.

Amelia said...

Awww, you described Emily perfectly too. She captures the iotas you don't. That one of Max kissing Sam still makes me tear up a bit. Love them!