Wednesday, August 18, 2010

4 month - Sam

Sam turned 4 months yesterday!  We don't have his 4 month checkup until next week, so I'll have to update you then with his latest stats.

Right now, he's:
- able to lift his head to a 90 degree angle while on his tummy (which doesn't last long, because)
- he can roll from belly to back (not back to belly...YET)
- laugh out loud (and he has such a sweet laugh) -- it is particularly easy to make him laugh if you touch his neck -- he is SUPER ticklish on his neck!
- follow an object from one side to the other
- hold head steady while being pulled to a sitting position -- and hold head steady (mostly) while upright
- grasp a rattle or other toy (and immediately bring it to his mouth...LOL)
- reach for objects (with both his hands and his mouth -- yes, I have seen him try to wiggle his way over to grab his nuk with his mouth)
- squeal and make lots of vowel-consonant combinations (we're working on mama and dada!)
- find mommy in a room (he knows my voice and perks up and turns to it right away)
- make raspberries (most often in imitation)
- bear weight on his legs while being held upright (the johnny jump up is coming out of storage soon!)

Basically, I'm not too worried about any aspects of his development.  I do want to ask the doctor about his tear ducts, because his eyes seem goopier than they should be.  He's still a mellow little boy and we are loving spending every minute we can with him!

So until you get his 'official' four month stats, enjoy some of his latest photos!

this one just cracked me up...

my boys!


Amanda said...

Love, love, love....

Anna said...

He is really filling out and looking chunky to me and I LOVE a chunky baby!

mel said...

He's about to crawl right off that blanket! He's getting so big so fast! S-L-O-W down little Sam!!

Emily said...

wow, he changed so much from 3 to 4 months!! So sweet :)