Monday, November 8, 2010

It's never to early to think about....Xmax cards!

When Shutterfly offered me a promotion for 50 FREE holiday cards in exchange for a shameless plug for their holiday cards on my blog...well it was an offer too good to pass up...especially considering my Xmax card list is over 150 (GASP!).. (Come on, my Mom is the eldest of 16 and my dad is the eldest boy of 9...and that is just on MY side of the family!  Our wedding was QUITE the party....   But I digress.....)

Now, in the past I have been fairly loyal to another (it shall not be named here in shameless plug for Shutterfly) stationary company, I thought I would check out Shutterfly to see what they had to offer and how it compared price wise.

I have a few criteria for my holiday cards -- I like them to include photos (and LOTS of them), and I like to be able to include some text along with the photos...

I was pleasantly surprised with Shutterfly's selection and style of cards.  They make narrowing down choices really easy with their side-bar choices -- you can refine by number of pictures, card size and color! 

Here are a few of my favorites:

O Mod Tannebaum
Joy Love Story
Monogram Snowman

And it looks like Shutterfly has lots of other good stuff to check out in matching styles like address labels, calendars, gift tags and invitations

You know, Xmax will be here before you know it...maybe this year I will be ahead of the game and order early.... check out the christmas cards and holiday photo cards for yourself!

Ok, Shameless plug for Shutterfly over.

Back to my normal family-oriented posting...


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