Monday, November 8, 2010

Sam's Six Month Stats

We finally took Sam to the doctor for his 6-month check up. 

Of course, he got a clean bill of health.  He's hitting all the milestones that the doctor wants to see at this age, and, just like Max, he loved flirting with all the women in the doctor's office... :)

So, without further adieu, here are the latest:

Height = 27.25 inches (75%)
Weight = 16 lbs 9 oz (I guessed he was closer to 17, Max guessed he won!) (25%)
Head circ = 44 cm (55%)

It's crazy, but he is following EXACTLY the same growth curves that lil Max did.  Another tall and skinny little man...although he doesn't look very skinny right now.... He's got these delightful little chubby thighs that I can't stop pinching...especially when pinching them makes him squeal with laughter...

I am also happy to report that both boys still seem to be very enamored with each other.  We have a few instances where little Max doesn't want to share something with him, but for the most part, I have to worry about him sharing TOO much with him!  He's even taken to sharing his coveted 'blue' with Sam...tenderly covering him up with it...but then he gets angry when Sam starts chewing on it... LOL.

I'm loving watching these two interact with each other.  I am already dreaming of days where my boys are running barefoot in the backyard, covered in dirt, playing catch...  I can't wait to do all the dirty, tom-boy things with them that I did in my youth...digging for worms, catching bugs, climbing trees...

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Laura said...

I love Sam. He is just the sweetest little man!