Sunday, January 2, 2011

Searching for the true meaning of Christmas

It seems every year people get caught up in the 'spirit' of Christmas...buying presents, making cookies, etc.  Every year, I get caught up in the same whirlwind, and when the entire holiday season is over, I look back and find that I have been stepping further and further away from the true meaning of Christmas.

It is so easy to think about all the things you want (or think you NEED), to make Christmas wish lists to give to family and friends...but the season really isn't about the giving and the getting, is it?  So what IS it about?

As my boys grow older, I find myself struggling to get them to understand the true meaning of Christmas -- that Jesus was born on this day and that he later gave his life for us.  That seems to be a pretty deep message for a three year old and an 8-month old to understand.  Presents are MUCH easier to 'get'.  I can relate to that...  So, each year I try to plant a few more seeds of hope in them.  And each year I get rewarded with more and more little messages of hope.

This year, Max seems very interested in baby Jesus -- and likes to point him out in nativity scenes, in our Golden Book 'The Christmas Story' and when we sing the 'Christmas Song'.  That makes me happy.  I think that's great progress for a 3 year old....

He also likes to talk about how God is in everything, or how God made everything.  In fact, when I told him that Mom and Dad "made" him...he corrected us and said, "No, Mom. GOD made me."  LOL.  He's right, though!

On our way home from Christmas with Max's side of the family, we were driving home in the dark and little Max looked up at the moon from the back seat.  All of a sudden from the back seat we heard "Daddy, does the moon have brains?" Daddy answered: "No, buddy.  There are no brains in the's just one big rock."  Silence.  A few seconds later "It's not just rock, daddy....GOD is in the moon too..." 

Yes little guy, yes he is....

We are lucky that the boys go to a Christian-based daycare so a lot of what they learn in the classroom focuses around God...prayers before meals, chapel on Wednesdays, etc.  But it is just as important to instill those values at can't leave it all up to the teachers....  So, I am curious how other's have been trying to instill the true meaning of Christmas in family at home. What are your tricks? Your secrets? Any crafties that you do to help bring the message home?


Laura said...

Great post!!

Melanie said...

So perfect. We spent a lot of time playing with our Fisher Price nativity this year. Nolan is starting to wrap his brain around it, but it sounds like Max is worlds ahead of him. Good for him! He's a strong little spirit, that one.

Emily said...

I love how he sweet and innocent. Sounds like you have a little missionary on your hands :)