Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Phone Dump (May 2011)

Home repairs took on a more frantic pace this month as we realized the goal date we had set for listing our house was fast approaching.  We finally got the chimney fixed (and the ceiling needed a repair as well).  In addition to this work, we finished the front landscaping, got a new front door and are in the process of building a mudroom in the garage.  What is the saying?  You finally get your house the way you wanted it to be, and then you leave... right?

Spring this year has been unseasonably cold -- or fluctuating wildly between hot HOT days and cold COLD days.  As a result, we have had some pretty awesome weather (storms).

Mid-may we took a trip to St. Louis to celebrate my cousin's 30th birthday.  This was the awesome view from our hotel window...

Warmer days mean more time outside.  This particular day we decided to take our 'lunch break' down at the neighborhood park.

Little Max continues to be a cutie, of course!  :)

May's Zoo class was Seal's and Sea Lions.  The 3's classes often end in a face or arm painting.  Little Max has been hesitant to get his face painted, and usually opts to have something drawn on his arm or hand instead.  I convinced him to do the face painting this time...and he was so cute about it afterwards!

Exploring the water table with other 'friends' in Zoo class...

Afterwards, you go with the class over to see the animal on exhibit and you get a special talk from the keeper.  Max was totally ENAMORED with this keeper and the seal.

I don't think I could have gotten him to turn around, even if I had tried!

May also saw the last t-ball practice.  The last day was parent/child day where the kids took on the parents in a friendly t-ball game.  The kids won (probably because the parents never got to bat...)

Little Max practicing his 'alligator snapping' skills on the ball...

Winding up for the throw (and letting go at the wrong time and thereby throwing the ball in the wrong direction...LOL).

Come on, Mom!  Your turn!

Widmer's Cheese -- the first stop that Max and I made on our annual Anniversary trip.  This year we went up to spend the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Plymouth, WI.  Taushchek's Log Cabin B&B -- very NICE!

Max surprised me before dinner with these exquisite and wonderful and very SPARKLY diamond earrings.  He did a GREAT job picking out some really spectacular diamonds.  I am a lucky LUCKY girl. (and I haven't taken them off since I got them!)

Co-worker Chris and his bounty of pizza.  Really, what happened was Pizza Hut decided to donated a bunch of pizza to us for lunch one day...Chris was pretending that he was really hungry.  LOL.

And there you have it.  You are officially caught up on  my phone photos (for now).  Now I just have to upload the pictures from our anniversary trip to share with you!  Good things come to those who wait...I promise... :)

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Laura said...

Love your earings!
You need to post some after pics of your renovations.