Monday, October 17, 2011

More Maxisms

Little Max had some really funny moments this weekend, ones that I want to remember, so I figured I'd share them on here.

"When I'm 18...."
Preface:  big Max has been telling little Max that when he turns 18, he is going to have to move out of the house.  This makes little Max sad, so I have been telling him that when he gets to move out, he can get his own house, and have his own toys and it will be fun...

Our neighbors from the old house joined us for dinner Sunday night.  All of a sudden, during the middle of dinner, little Max turns to them and announces "When I turn 18, I am going to move out and get my own house.  Also, I will get my own children when I'm eighteen."  We all just about died trying not to laugh or fall off our chairs...  When asked how many children he was going to "get" he informed us that he would like "twenty children"  (thank goodness he didn't ask HOW to get those children...although we might have to have a talk about having kids so young...)

"What are those things called anyways?"
Sunday night after dinner, both boys were in the bathtub.  I handed Max his washcloth and asked him to start scrubbing up.  We went over the parts to scrub...behind the ears, between the toes, in his armpits....  After getting those parts done he exclaims "and now for my LEG PITS!"  LOL. I don't really know what those are called anyways, so I guess that makes perfect sense!

Have I mentioned how much I love this age?  It ROCKS.

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Megan said...

Love it! Luke was showing us his leg pits just a week or two ago! How funny. He also has an in-bow (the inside of the elbow), too. Great job recording these important things!