Friday, October 21, 2011

The New Digs Part 1: Mudroom and Powder Room

So, I guess I have been a bit remiss by not posting pictures of the new house before least, that is what several people have been telling me.... ahem ahem (you know who you are).

So, I took some pictures this afternoon while it was nice and sunny out and the kids were asleep.  My ILs are here right now, so I am hoping that will buy me some time to edit and post the pictures.  So, hopefully, I'll get you pictures of the whole house by the week's end (hey, I don't like to make promises I can't you might be pleasantly surprised if I finish early).

In the meantime, to keep those of you that have been oh so patiently waiting happy, here is the first of the New House series of posts. So, here you go.  I'll start with the mudroom and powder room.  Enjoy (and please don't judge the mess, we've only been 'moved in' for just over a month). 

 Laundry room/mudroom.  We need to replace the laundry tub.  We also need to figure out the spacing issue between the side counters and the washer and dryer.  There is some awkward space that needs to be addressed.  We don't really foresee the need to use the door here that leads out into the backyard (for the time being) so for now the dog bowls of water are blocking it. 

Here's another view so you can appreciate the awkward spaces I referenced before.  Again, sorry for the mess.  The left counter is serving as our organization counter with our in/out trays and we have our organizer hanging on the wall where we store our keys, etc.  Working good so far.

The other side of the mudroom has a large closet.  As you can see, there is a mish mash of stuff in here for now.  Most importantly, it is holding the hats/mittens/snow pants/backpacks for the family.  It is a good store all.  We do have another mudroom in the garage (I'll show pictures of that once big Max is done hanging the large wall shelf he built for me...awwww..isn't he sweet??)  That mudroom is for all of our shoes.

Front hallway.  This is the view into the house when you are standing in the mudroom.  You can see from one side of the house to the other, which is nice.  Aren't these floors cool??  They are pine, so unfortunately they dent pretty easily, but they are so uncommon that we have really fallen in love with the color and everything about them.  They kind of add a nice 'different look' to the house.

Downstairs bathroom/powder room.  I haven't done much to this room yet.  I would like to do something to the vanity cupboards.  The granite counter tops are super nice in here, and I already like the feel this bathroom has.  I might change out the mirror in the future and the light fixture (not a huge fan).  The 'valance' (which is stapled onto the wood moulding) is also going to be going.  :) 

Another view of the granite counter tops that are SOOOO beautiful.  I've gotta say that I've always loved the LOOK of granite, but was never so certain I'd want it for my own house (at least right now with little kids in the house), but now that I have it in two of my bathrooms and the kitchen, I am really starting to fall in love with it.  And, I've started making my own granite cleaner -- which I will share the recipe for in a later post -- which makes cleaning the granite CHEAP and FUN.  If you know me, you know that makes me UBER happy.  :)


2Bugaboos said...

I am in LOVE with those floors. And hey, even if they do dent easy, it will add to the character! I also recommend keeping the mudroom door, only because it makes for easy access for the kids during the winter months. We have one and I love it. When the kids are playing out back in the snow, they just come in through the mudroom and dump all their wet clothes on the floor. It's great. When they are in the front we use the garage doors or the garage entrance which is also a separate door. Just a thought. Thanks for taking the time to post... I'll be checking back through out the weekend for more. :)

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I also dig the pine floors. They add an unexpected brightness to the house.

I agree with J - Keep the door, I might get rid of the closet door and make shelves with laundry baskets and perhaps pretty baskets on top?

I love what I see so far - can't wait to see more!