Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Tonight was Trick or Treat (TOT) in our city, so we of course got all dressed up (and bundled up) and headed out to get some loot!

Max went as a pirate again this year for two reasons.  One:  he kept telling everyone who asked that he was going as a pirate.  Two:  I did not have my stuff together enough to make the other costume I had planned for him.  There is always next year.  Sam went as a dog -- which would have been the part he would have played if my idea had come to fruition.  I'm sure he won't mind wearing it again next year because he was SO STOKED that he got to be a 'pup-pup'.  When I first showed him the costume he threw it on the floor and snuggled up on it (it is super soft) and rolled around exclaiming "Woof Woof!  Bark Bark!"  I know he doesn't look very excited in the above picture, but take my word for it that he was loving it.

Doesn't he look so SUPER snuggly!??

Someone throw this poor dog a bone!  Seriously.  Don't you just want to grab him and snuggle him??

We had some friends join us this year -- Max's friends John, Ryan and Nina.  It was SO much better TOTing with friends.  Especially for lil Max who ran from door to door with John yelling "Trick or Treat!  ARRRR!!"

We tried to get Sam and Ryan, the two dogs, to stand together for a photo...They weren't really into standing still for long though...

Nina climbed into the wagon when she got tired and she and Sam were wagon buddies and just passed candy back and forth from one basket to the other to pass the time.  It was super cute.


mel said...

YES! I DO want to snuggle Sammers! How cute is he?? And I totally get the costume redo... wanted to do mice again but too hot here and my mice grew out of their ears... would need a new set x2.

Beth said...

Um, that pic of Sam in the wagon? Did a pro photog sneak off with your camera and take that? Cuz it was the most wall-worthy Halloween picture I've ever laid eyes on!

Glad you had a fun time TOTing in your new 'hood!