Monday, October 31, 2011

The New Digs Part 5: the Bedrooms

Our new house has 4 bedrooms -- all upstairs -- which is absolutely wonderful.  We had 3 upstairs bedrooms at the old house, which worked just fine for our family of four, but we really wanted to have a guest room.  So, one of the criteria when we were looking for new houses was that it had to have a minimum of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  We got exactly what we wanted with our new house!

But, as you'll see in the pictures, the added bonus with our new house is just how BIG the bedrooms are -- and how much closet space each room has.  I'm telling you -- I am only using HALF of the closet space in every room (with the exception of the Master Bedroom...a girl's gotta have enough clothes...).  I know with two growing boys that the space will get filled up soon enough, but for now it's nice to see EMPTY space.

This is little Max's room.  We put up the top bunk and he is in love with his bunk beds.  He will proudly announce to anyone that stops by that he can climb to the top all by himself but that he can't sleep there until he is 6 or 7.  The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Krypton.  The comforter on the bottom bunk is a vintage Star Wars comforter hand sewn by my awesome MIL.  They sell the same thing on Pottery Barn, but mine is best of all because it was made with LOVE.  I still need to install actual curtain rods (instead of using these cafe rods) for the curtains.  Room darkening/thermal panels from Target -- only $9.99 each!

Max has two full sized (or should I say ginormous sized) closets -- these things are super wide and super deep.  The one on the left has a closet organizing system in it -- but it has to be repaired.  We also need to get an electrician in to get the ceilings wired for light fixtures -- I am not a fan of lamps only in kids rooms.

The 'reading' nook.  We need to get a new dresser eventually (this one is falling apart).  On top you can see Max's turtle star maker and his rainbow maker.  Both are essential for a good night's sleep.

Next up is Sam's room.  Not much has changed in here (other than the size of the room as opposed to the old house).  We used the same color Serene Stream (Pittsburgh Paints).

Sam's windows overlook the backyard and every morning when he wakes up we greet the sunrise and the birds, and every night we say good night to the birds as well.

Sam only has one closet in his room but it is wider than the closets in Max's room so I would almost consider it a 1.5 sized closet.

I love the way his room is set up -- it is so comfy and yet still leaves a big area for play time.  The dresser/changing table is the same one we used for Max (as is the crib) -- another hand-me-down from my used to be my brother's dresser/changing table.  It has a LOT of sentimental value to me, and I am happy that both boys got to use it.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

This is the view of the upstairs hallway right when you get to the top of the stairs.  The 4th bedroom (closed door) is on the right.  Sam's bedroom is straight ahead and Max's is to the right of that.  The door on the immediate left is the upstairs bathroom (full shower over tub and two sinks and linen closet).  Behind me is the Master Suite.  The hallway is super wide and there is a good sized linen closet out here too! 

So there you have it!  McCasa Duex!  LOL!  Hope you enjoyed the 'tour'.  I'm looking forward to updating the blog with progress on the house/rooms as we go!


Anna said...

We have the "lamp only" problem in our toy room. And it will be a long while before Allie can turn on lamps. So, we plugged both lamps into a remote control Christmas timer thing and she can turn them on and off by herself. Wonderful! Just a thought...

mel said...

I LOVE having all the bedrooms on the same level. It just feels cozier when you go to sleep, knowing that the people you love the most are just a few steps away. Those rooms are HUGE! And I forgot to mention on the Halloween post, that looking through your windows to your neighborhood, I felt so happy for you, seeing the great area you are in. What a wonderful place to raise a family!