Tuesday, November 15, 2011

BzzAgent Product Review: Fekkai

When I was recently chosen to participate in the BzzAgent Fekkai campaign, I was STOKED.  I had heard so many great things about Fekkai, but I was hesitant to lay out the $$$ to buy a product until  I was sure if it worked...

I have gray hair, which means that in order to maintain my youthful appearance, I must have it colored.  I have tried just about every 'color friendly' shampoo on the market and have yet to find one that doesn't strip the color from my grays or make my roots noticeable in less than 3 weeks.  So, I was even MORE STOKED when I got to test the Fekkai Color Care line.

The first thing I noticed when using the product was how wonderful it smelled -- it has a light citrusy aroma that is great to smell first thing in the morning - very refreshing.  It lingers all day long as well, and doesn't fade quickly like other shampoos. 

My FAVORITE thing about Fekkai is how glossy and smooth and silky it made my hair feel --I seriously could not stop running my hands through my hair all day long.  It was wonderful!! 

But, I waited until 3 weeks was up to see if it was able to make my color last longer than other shampoos/conditioners I have used in the past.  And, while my color is lasting a little bit longer, it didn't make it last as LONG or stay as VIBRANT as I would expect from a shampoo/conditioner with such a large price tag.

Bottom Line:  would I buy this again?  Not without a coupon.  I strongly believe that you get what you pay for -- and I especially believe this about beauty products which is why I don't mind shelling out a little bit more for a product if it works good or performs better.  I usually shell out the extra money to support more environmentally friendly companies, however, so I am undecided if I would rather spend the money on Fekkai or my usual Aveda products -- even though the Fekkai DOES keep the color better and longer than my Aveda.  It is tempting though, because the silkiness of my hair alone is really pretty wonderful...

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