Thursday, November 10, 2011

Phone Dump Videos: Aug - Oct 2011

And here are the videos!!  Enjoy!

I had put Sam down for his nap and came back downstairs to the sound of little Max singing.  So, I snuck my head (and camera) around the corner of the door and found him here.  He had built a little fort around himself and was singing along to his toys.  SO ADORABLE.

I may have posted this video of Sam and Mason before, but I am posting it again because it is so darn cute.  Mason is such a GOOD dog.  He is a rescue dog.  We got him from WAAGR and encourage you to check out a rescue organization for your next dog! There are SO MANY in need of new homes, and so many of them are gems, just like Mason.  It hurts my heart to think that he was *almost* put down.  He is such a good, loving, sweet boy.


My parents bought us this wonderful vacuum as our housewarming gift and I LOVE it.  I love it for several reasons, but the most important is that it is light enough that little Max can use it to help out.  It also can be used as a dustbuster or a stick vac.  Sam, seeing that little Max can vacuum, of course wanted to try it out for himself.  He's getting there!

Sam is a such a sports kid.  He LOVES playing outside and especially loves playing sports that involve balls.  Basketball is one of his favorites, and since the basketball hoop that came with our new house is a little bit too tall for him, I found this handy one on Craigslist for the meantime.  He LOVES it.  And, I love the way he says BASKEETBALL.  :)

This series of video was shot at the park by our new house.  Sam loves following Max around and wants to do everything that big brother does.  When he wanted to use the bigger slide, however, he ran into a problem -- he couldn't climb up the mammoth step!  Luckily, my boys are problem solvers...see how they figured it out!  So cute!!  And I love that they are such good friends and look out for each other (most of the time, LOL).

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