Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fourth birthday party #1: the family party -- rainbows and UP!

This year, for little Max's fourth birthday he was lucky enough to have two

yes, TWO


Talk about spoiled!!

The day started out with a surprise...birthday streamers on Max's door!  The kids LOVED it...hours of least until someone gets hurt (don't worry, Sam's cries were short lived)...  Here are some videos of the fun that was had (sorry for so many....I was getting such a kick out of watching them that I couldn't pare them down)....

After all the tiring fun of running through the birthday streamers, Max had to go to 3K -- he brought the treat of the day and of course, wore our traditional birthday crown.

Max requested an UP! and Rainbow party this fun, right?  So, we decided for his FIRST treat for school (he was signed up as helper of the day TWICE, so he got to bring TWO treats to school also...) to make rainbow jello.  I used THIS website for inspiration.  It was awesome!  It only uses three colors of jello -- red, yellow and blue -- the rest is an optical illusion.  Tasty, easy and the kids LOVED it.

Seriously, how cool is rainbow jello??  SO COOL.

That evening, after school and nap time, we had the FIRST of the birthday parties....
His first party, on his actual birthday, was a fairly small affair with just our close friends -- 'Grandma' Jan and 'Grandpa' Dave and Auntie Amanda and Uncle Steve.

Little Max requested 'meat on the bone' (aka ribs), corn on the cob and watermelon and grapes for his birthday feast.  We were happy to oblige.  LOL

There was also lots of wine....little Max didn't request it, but I did!!

We also made a fun rainbow balloon banner -- little Max helped me blow up the balloons -- he blew up over half of the balloons....not a small feat!!

'Grandma and Grandpa' -- our next door neighbors from the old house.  Little Max and Sam love them like their grandparents, hence the nickname.  It was so good to see these two lovebirds again -- we miss having them right next door!

The sweet birthday boy wearing the birthday crown.  I also decorated his chair -- 'the birthday chair' -- like my Mom always did for us growing up. 

The cake (#1...yes, this spoiled child also had TWO cakes).  Rainbow chip cake with rainbow chip frosting.  I piped on four balloons and added balloon candles and real balloon decorations around the base.  It was a hit...this kid loves balloons...and rainbows...

Sam likes cake too!  He had a few frosting boogers after he was done,  but he did a great job eating his cake all by himself with his fork.  Sam actually helped me make the cake while Max was at little baker boy!

He might even have stayed cleaner than little Max, LOL.  The cake was a hit with little Max.


Here's an obligatory picture of me, since I am usually behind the camera.  Not the best picture, unfortunately, but the only one of me from the don't complain.

And, of course the night ended with a little bit of this.  He wouldn't be a four year old if it didn't, right??  LOL.  (He fell off his chair because he was goofing around....the good parents that we are snapped a picture of him first).

It was a good, low key and fun party to celebrate the actual DAY of birth for my little man.  I can't believe he is actually FOUR!!  I have a little video to share of him with his yearly 'interview' that I'll have to find time to upload later today.  (after I blog about birthday party #2!!)


mel said...

Busy, busy lady, you! Everything looked wonderful - and yes, that rainbow jello is too cool! Sad hurt Max photo :(

Anna said...

Wouldn't be a birthday without a meltdown, right? What a lucky boy Max is. Such a cool rainbow Jello treat.