Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa 2011

A little better Santa picture this year...remember last year's?

Max was being 'shy' again this year -- but I convinced him to stand next to Santa rather than sit on his lap (I won't even get into how many 'wrongs' I think there are into MAKING a child sit on a complete stranger's LAP...).  Sam was unsure of the whole situation (again) and was staring intently at the jingle bells over the camera. 

Some of you might even notice that Santa is the same Santa from last year (but it looks like he was off the sauce this year).  He was much more 'Jolly' this year. 

Max also told him about this guy:

who snuck in the house with our Christmas tree last weekend.  Little Max has named him "Fernie McBottom", and he is definitely keeping us all on our toes about being 'nice' and not 'naughty' this year.

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