Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2: Project 366/52

Day 8:  Concentration.  Little Max focuses on the target as he plays with the 'shoot gun' at friend Jack's fourth birthday party.

Day 9:  Getting Comfortable.  Despite having a very comfortable dog bed, Mason insists on sleeping in the strangest places. I have no idea how this could even be remotely comfortable...

Day 10:  Get to Work.  My desk is deceivingly clean at the start of my work day.  And that is my pink stapler next to my tape dispenser :)

Day 11:  Healthy lunch.  This photo should look familiar as I used it when I posted the recipe for the Havana salad I made earlier this week.  Delicious salads like this help me stick to my diet -- and so far it has been working!  Down 1 lb!

Day 12:  Sick Baby.  Sam got sent home sick from school Wed afternoon and stayed home on Thursday with Daddy.  I can count on one hand the number of times EITHER child has fallen asleep on the couch, so you know he must've not been feeling well.  Such a sweet monkey...

Day 13:  Car Ride.  My favorite moment happened seconds after I snapped this picture with my cell phone.  The following conversation ensued:  Me: "Max, you are so cute!  How did you get to be so cute?"  Max: "Mom!  God made me like this!"  I love this boy.

Day 14:  The Ladies.  Two of my best friends hanging out at Payton's SEVENTH birthday party.  I can't believe how fast time flies!!  These amazing women have been in my life for almost TWENTY years. Love them!

Week 2:  Lunching with Dinosaurs.  We don't eat meals alone often in this house...better watch out, that dinosaur looks hungry and might take a bite out of your sandwich!


mel said...

sick babies are THE worst, but so precious at the same time.

Megan said...

I love these snapshots of your days! And how are you always looking more beautiful?!