Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Family Game Night

As part of my plan to help my "strong-willed" four year old, we are trying to be more present in the moment with the kids.  I'm not going to lie...it is hard after working a full day and rushing home to get dinner on the table.  But there are small things that we can do to spend time together and have fun.  When it is warmer out, that will entail family walks and spending time at the park and outside.  We can spend some time outside now as it is warming up, but that time is still limited because of daylight hours and the fact that fingers get chilly quickly.

Tonight we decided after dinner to have a 'game night'.  Sam picked Hullabaloo, one of his favorites. It really is a fun game...Max gets into it and I am always impressed with his direction following skills (his sore-loser skills, not so much, LOL).

Anyways, I thought I'd share some of our fun for today:


And the BEST part of this week so far?  Picking Max up from school and learning he had AWESOME days -- he got stickers in his reward chart and high praise from everyone.  Let's hope this is a continuing trend!


mel said...

I so need to incorporate game night. It was not something we did as a family growing up - not something I really enjoy. But I can see the benefit from other people and their bewilderment that I don't enjoy it... thanks for the gentle push!

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

Wahoo! :)