Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sam is Two: the BirthDAY (part two)

Sam's actual birthday fell on a school day and night, so we didn't have all day to celebrate like we would have preferred.  I did bake cupcakes for him to bring to school and Max got to bring some also since he was convienantly "Helper of the Day" on Sam's birthday (coincidence?  I am thinking this was planned...).  I also baked a sweet little cake for him (but we didn't eat it on his actual birthday...SHHH...):

In any case, the night before we did some of our normal birthday traditions, like: 

Hanging the birthday banner:

Decorating the birthday boy's chair:

And then we hung streamer's on the birthday boy's door. 

The next morning, we woke up Max:

And had fun watching the birthday boy and Max run through the STREAMERS!!:

After school and work, we took the boys out to dinner and were joined by our favorite friends Auntie Kelly and Payton.  We went all out and went for sushi (hey -- the boys LOVE the place...the aquarium, the edamame, the noodles....and if you don't know what they do for birthday celebrations, are MISSING OUT!!).

Even little Max enjoys sushi!

Sam, despite his dazed and confused look here, was a slurp master with these noodles:

While this last picture does little justice to the birthday celebration (oh how I wish Max had taken video instead of a picture), I will try my best to explain the awesomeness (at least for a 2 year old).  First, they turn on this rainbow colored disco ball -- which to a two year is MESMERIZING. Thenm they give all the kids (and if you were an adult, I suppose you too) a balloon birthday hat (and sword, if you ask nicely).  Next, they turn on some really awesome Japanese techno birthday music that you can't help but bob your head (or booty in Sam's case) to.  Finally, they bring out a huge plate of ice cream complete with a LIT sparkler (umm...probably NOT COOL with a two year old, but we kept him at a safe distance).  Then they take a picture of you to hang on their birthday wall!!  All in all, the kids thought it was WAY COOL (who are we kidding, we did too!)  Sam was totally ROCKING out in his chair to the beat (he obviously gets his awesome dance moves from his Mom).  And we were all smiling and laughing at how adorable he was...because he was pretty freaking adorable.

Sam rocks out so hard you can't even catch a good shot of him!

Then we went home and opened up a few presents -- because what is a birthday without presents?!
The card, which turned out to be the hit of the party, LOL:

A M and D puzzle clock (present from big brother Max:

A super fun froggie rolling suitcase from Grandma and Grandpa Far-Away:

And the big present from Mom and Dad this year required some assembly and construction.  Here, Daddy is putting the finishing touches on the barn...

While Mom works hard at the googly eye application station:

The final product -- a Felt Board (yeah, this was taken before googly eyes were applied and barn doors were added, but you can see the final product in the video below:

Tired yet?  I am!!!

I'll be back with Part 3 later -- the family/friend party.


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