Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sam is TWO - the stats (Part 1)

So, despite my very best efforts to try to "forget" the day so it wouldn't/couldn't happen, it did anyways....Sam turned TWO.

Why does two feel like a such a milestone birthday of sorts?  It is certainly more so than one for me, personally.  At two this once co-dependent, stationary (at least in our house), and mostly non-verbal baby has become a PERSON -- one that wants to strike out on his own path, go where HE wants go and most certainly will TELL you if he thinks it should be done in a different way.  Oh yes, two is VERY different from one....

Not different in a bad way, entirely...just...different.  And, for me personally, it is also a reminder that I am going to have to 'let go' of this little one (sooner than I think) and let him become his own person.  And oh boy, Sam is definitely his own little person! You know, this whole diatribe shouldn't be too unfamiliar for anyone who knows me well or has followed this blog since I started.  Ironically (or coincidentally) I had a very similar thought process and outpouring of myself right before little Max's second birthday also!

At two, his official stats are:
34.25 inches tall (50%)
26 lbs 8.5oz (30%)

Oddly enough, those stats are almost SPOT ON with little Max's two year stats.  And while I looked back to confirm that, I had a few moments of reminiscing and watching videos and remarked in my head just how similar these two little men are at this age....and yet, again so DIFFERENT.  It is uncanny, really. 
-  At two, Sam is still pretty mellow -- not as mellow as he was two or even a year ago -- but definitely a different personality than Max was at this age.  Different = not better = not worse. 

-  Most of the time he is a pleasure to be around and can elicit a smile out of most anyone.  He is a lover of all and quick to show affection and pretty much wins over anyone he wants to
-  He has the cutest quirk of trembling his ENTIRE body when he gets excited about something (if he's in a vertical position, this trembling could be mis-construed as 'humping' -- but of course that just makes us laugh even more so he keeps doing it, LOL).

- He will repeat ANYTHING you ask him to -- which can be a source of fun (if little Max isn't around of course).  And yes, we do realize that we will have to stop this fun game in due time.

- He loves playing catch and throwing things.  He is still obsessed with basketball and loves to 'bounce bounce bounce" the ball and then 'shoot it'.  He is actually a pretty good shot and has quite a throwing arm on him.  His hand-eye coordination is really advanced -- the doctor even commented on it at his two year appt.

-  He also impressed the doctor when she told me at the end of the appt that a two year skill we could start working on his jumping on two feet and Sam, hearing the word jump, started jumping across the exam room.  The doctor laughed and said "well, I guess you've already got that one checked off."

- Has a super LOUD wail when he is upset about something that usually culminates in a HUGE lower lip POUT.  It is definitely DEAFENING and yet still humorous.

- Loves eating, drinking, and food in general.  Just when you think he's done (and he tells you he's done) he comes back for more.  I am actually surprised he is only a few ounces heavier than little Max was at this age. 
-  Has started taking interest in potty training (ok, maybe not the potty training, but the M&M rewards more).  We've pooped and peed on the potty, but not regularly or with any consistency.  I am actually REALLY ok with this -- having one late potty trainer, I actually appreciate a child that potty trains when they are able to do the entire deed by THEMSELVES and without MY HELP.  But, I will continue to encourage him, regardless.

-  Loves singing songs -- still mostly with made up words (some are the right ones) but usually with the correct melody.

- Loves books and reading.  His favorites lately are:  The Hungry Caterpillar, The Giving Tree, The Foot Book

-  Can count to three consistently -- tries to count to 10, but that usually ends up like "one, two, three, seven, ten"

-  Knows all his colors now and loves to shout them out as descriptors of items

-  Has the cutest little whisper voice that he only uses when I want him to use his normal voice and NEVER uses when I want him to use a quiet one....LOL.

-  Has moved on to his 24 months clothing and can wear some 2T shirts -- but the 2T pants are still way too long and will likely be too long for awhile yet.

-  Loves his green blankie as much as little Max still loves his blue blankie.  Both boys have taken to calling them their ba-bas now.  Sam is obssessed with the BIG tag on his blankie, whereas Max loves the LITTLE tag.  Both boys have to be clutching their respective TAGS in their hands before falling asleep -- how funny that they both have this same habit...

I'll be back with a later post with pictures and videos of his actual birthday festivities.  For now to tide you over, here is a video of Sam -- his first "Official Age Interview"... so without further adieu may I present you with Sam at Age Two:

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Anna said...

Man! What a smart little guy. Such a talker.