Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 12

I have the BEST best friend in the world.

Seriously, I do.

My best friend is sweet, funny, crazy, sincere, kind, generous, full of empathy, beautiful, gracious, classy, silly, and loyal.  I could probably come up with a LOT more adjectives, but then it would seem insincere.  She really REALLY is the best.

Shannon Wucherer Photography: Amanda & Steve

She's also Max's godmother and the boys' 'Auntie'.  I can't think of a better Auntie!

Shannon Wucherer Photography: Amanda & Steve

So many times, I wished for a sister.  And even though she may not be my sister in blood or true relation -- she was also be my soul sista.

Love you Manda!!

**all photos courtesy Shannon Wucherer Photography**

1 comment:

Amanda said...

This made me tear up.

I was just looking through the wedding pictures AGAIN...and thinking you were integral to me being where I am now.

Your friendship has helped me through a lot and I hope you feel the same.

Time/life doesn't seem to be working on our side for getting together as often as I'd like, but I love how we just pick up where we leave off!

You are truly my sister. I love you, sweetie!