Friday, November 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankfulness: Day 2

The plague stomach flu has stuck our house, so I have been out of commission for the last two days.  Well, mostly out of commission, but enough that I wasn't able to update the blog.

While there is not a lot to be thankful for during times of sickness, I am always a little thankful that I can sneak in a few extra snuggles when my kids are sick....

But today's thankfulness is non-flu related.  I have a video clip to share of little Max from his Auntie Amanda's wedding in early October.  We still are not sure where he learned these awesome dance moves or what possessed him to find his inner Michael Jackson, but if you are in need of a smile, WATCH THIS.  It makes me laugh EVERY.TIME!


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Amanda said...

He was the star of the night on that dance floor!