Monday, March 18, 2013

Florida Vacation 2013: Day 5

The weather forecast again was for overcast skies so we opted to head out in the car and drive to Shark Valley to see some alligators.

But first, we put the kids to work cleaning all the windows that they leave little fingerprints on!  Just kidding...kind of...

Little Max and I hung out in the backseat of the car for the drive...

And then we found them!  Those sneaky gators!

They were all just laying out in the sun warming up.  Lazy bones.  We had brought the bikes (and kids seats) along with us so we decided to bike the loop at Shark Valley.  Someone told me it was 7 miles.  I thought...ok, that's easy I can bike that (I haven't biked in awhile)...

Well, someone FORGOT to inform me that it was 7 miles ONE WAY.  I think little Max caught my emotions perfectly, LOL.

There were TONS of alligators along the way. They climb out onto the grass almost up to the road!  It was kind of weird biking right by one of imagination was getting the best of me. But, they are pretty slow and lethargic this time of year.  And, I was going too fast...right?

At the end there is a tower you can climb to look out over the area.  You can see that at least the forecast was correct for most of the day...

We climbed to the top and played I spy.  

This picture makes me smile....

In addition to all the alligators, we did see a ton of birds like these Wood Storks.

By this time, Sam was getting a little slap happy because he hadn't napped.  He was pretty goofy.

And I was getting pretty tired/sore.  My butt was just not made to ride on a bike seat for prolonged periods of time....

Cute family photo (Sam still being goofy).  Do you see who snuck in on the right?

Yeah...this guy.  Doesn't look like he's going to be moving anywhere anytime soon.

I was pretty famished after that long bike ride, so I snacked on some of the kids' cereal.  You snooze you lose!  :)

Sam didn't mind.  He was too busy being goofy.

Gotta love this little stinker!

No naps eventually caught up with us.  This guy would not.stop.talking the ENTIRE trip.  So, of course he passes out 5 mins from home.  That's Murphy's Law, right?

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