Monday, March 11, 2013

Florida Vacation 2013: Day 4

The weather forecast was predicting lower temps and cloudy/rainy skies, so we planned to head to Naples to the Golisano Children's Museum of Naples (CMON).

The boys were super excited to just run and play and be rowdy and crazy.  We started off in the building blocks room...

They had a little costume bin and Sam decided he wanted to be Thomas the Train..

On the other side of the entrance were some 'seasonally' themed rooms.  This fall themed room had a fun tree which blew leaves out the top.  The boys had a lot of fun sticking the leaves in the bottom and then squealing and running to catch the leaves as the flew out the top...

Max tried feeding the birds some sunflower seeds...

They even had a temperature controlled (read COLD) igloo!

Next door to that was the weather station.  This touchscreen let you manipulate and control the weather and to see what happened when you tried different types of precipitation.

Sam took a stab at being on-camera and doing the weather report.  I think he's got it down!

There was a little boat where you could use a magnetic fishing pole to fish.  Sam was all about the safety and insisted that he put on his life jacket before climbing into the boat.

There was hardly any time to be 'still'....but that was fine.  The boys ran off a lot of energy!

Outside they had a really fun water table feature.  It was fun to figure out cause and effect with water.

These water 'guns' were pretty fun too -- Sam 'accidentally' squirted Max, LOL.

They even had this super cool 'chalkboard' outside and bucket and buckets of paint brushes.  The kids painted pictures with just water -- which showed up great on the chalkboard and then as it evaporated disappeared.  I am TOTALLY putting one of these in our backyard.  It was SO much fun!

And yes, see the sun?!  Weather forecast was off...but that's ok.  The boys had a blast and it was a fun alternative to the beach for a day.

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