Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Florida Vacation 2013: Day 3

Another lazy morning around the house leisurely waking up...and then we all got our beach clothes on and went outside to board Grumps' new ride:

Sam's so cool with his shades....

The two captains ready to take us on our latest adventures...

Granna wanted to be a captain too!

Look at who we saw on our ride today!  Actually, I think we saw them every day we went out -- this just happened to be a more fantastic shot that Max was able to take when they surfaced.

We also saw lots of birds.  Isn't this heron pretty?

We rode the boat all the way over to Sanibel Island and parked ourselves on a little sliver of beach.  The boys had fun shelling and digging and swimming....

Grumps gets his fishing net ready while Sam tests out the water....

My little beach bum.  He's got this all down now...such a seasoned beach traveler he is!

Ha!  This picture of Sam makes me laugh every time.  What a goof.

Perfect throw Grumps!

Sam helps bring it back in....

Beach fun.  The boys could stay on the beach All.Day.Long if we let them.

They even got brave and ventured out into the water.  It was kind of choppy on this beach.

My momma.  Isn't she beautiful!?

I could get used to looking at this All.Day.Long!

Sam decides he wants to go all out swimming with daddy.

He loves the water.  Sam is our little fishy.

Max is more of a land lubber, but he sure loves digging holes and building things in the sand.

And he sure looks like a little surfer boy/beach bum!

Family pictures with the boat!

True to form, as soon as Grumps got the boat moving fast, Sam passed out cold.  Isn't he adorable?  I have to admit it was such a treat getting to have my 'baby' sleep on me a lot during this vacation.  Other Moms know what I'm talking about -- the kids reach a certain age and their independence just kicks in and there is no more sleeping on mom.  Or maybe it is just my boys.  In any case, it was nice to get used as a pillow again.  I enjoyed every minute of those snuggles!

He even stayed passed out through the transition off the boat and onto some patio cushions!

He stayed passed out enough for me to get a quick run in...and then to put my swimming suit on for some sun/pool time!

Sam woke up for pool time (naturally) and got a kick out of jumping off the side of the pool with Grumps (little Max was a little less bold and just stayed in the pool squirting us with his water gun).

Sam was even so brave (**crazy**) that he kept jumping all afternoon long by himself!

All that jumping and swimming got our appetite's worked up so we went out to have some dinner that night in Ft. Myers.

Grumps and Sam had a very intense conversation about the color red.

I tried to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Sam practiced his mad crossword skillz (haha...just coloring).

I remembered that Salty Sam's was next door, so I made us walk over there to take a picture in the big Salty Sam chair like we had done last year.

The boys were a little squirrely so it was hard to get them to sit still and both look at the camera at the same time...

But we managed a few keepers....


Look at how much they've grown since last year!

A perfect ending to a nearly perfect day!

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